Welcome to the Lollipop Spot! This is a unique and original contest blog.
Here are the rules of the game:

1) You must be approved! Once you have been approved, you will have  free access to post one project a day to the blog. Shoot me an email with your name, a link to your scrappy work, and your personal blog addy to be considered for participation.

2) Each project made is required to use at least ONE item from Lollipop Press. You can purchase items here: http://www.thelollipoppress.com/
 .  These projects MUST coincide with our weekly contest. (Our free sketches count as 1 LP product)

3) Projects can be digital, hybrid, or physical- one page, two page, or project.

4) If you don’t use any LP products or you don’t post at least once a month, you will be dropped from membership. You are still free to visit the blog for inspiration, but you will no longer be able to participate.

5) Each week there will be a new contest theme. ALL contest entries will be entered into our monthly contest for a GDT (Guest Design Team spot) and an AWESOME prize. Prizes will vary from digital to physical, project kits, to company product. Winners will be announced on the 1st of each month (for the GDT spot and prize).

6) Once you are approved your name is added to our “members” list. Once you become a member, your personal blog will be attached to your name. This will in turn drive people to visit your blog and know more about you. You CAN NOT use a business blog or website. If you are a personal business, you are free to email me about an advertising spot on the blog at lollipoppress@gmail.com.

7) Once you have completed your project for the day/week you will upload the project yourself to the
blog. You have to have your own log-in in order to post to blogger. When you post, you are allowed to post who’s product you used, the LP product used, and that’s it. NO WRITING in posts is allowed. If you do, it will be deleted. Put your name and title in the header so we know who's entry we are looking at.

Thanks for joining in! can't wait to see all the wonderful Eye candy!!!